Okay so here we go, turns out it is a lot harder to remember everything you've done but I'll give it a shot!

A lot has happened and also a lot hasn't happened but it's all so darn exciting

One thing that is still engraved in my memory is the long ass 24 hour flight and how glad I was for that to be over. 

Fresh off the plane, looking and feeling not so fresh but excited to be on land and I guess a tad excited to see this ugly mug. 


Cheers to P.E Nation for making rad  active wear that makes me actually want to wear active wear. Still it doesn't make me want to be active (What a shame...)

The next few days/weeks were literally filled with meeting new people and going to new places. 
Which is super exciting but also quite exhausting. Exspecialy when you are horrible with names, and still can't remember most of them. 

But it's been fun, lots of fun! 

On my first Friday night we had planned to have a family dinner at Paul's brothers house. 
Unfortunately I hit the pub a tad to hard before dinner and didn't quite get to the dinner part, as I was to busy vomiting in the sink & Paul had to drive me home... #classact
It did provide many laughs and gave Mum hope that they would kick me out so I would have to go back home.. Sorry Kateo hasn't happened YET. 


After getting over that little miss hap, we had a full fam BBQ and yes it did stay classy... 
or as classy as I can be...

Our main project thus far has been swapping rooms with the rents and redecorating upstairs
Painting , Ikea trips and lots of cleaning... (Not my strong point)


We have  managed to still have a relationship after a few trips to IKEA, so now throw anything this way, we got it. 

I am still getting used to being the midget between a family of giants, but i'll get there.

At this stage I am currently selling my soul to any UK fashion magazine that can give me start, so I will keep you posted on how that goes. It's a long and painful process but I'll get there. I've had a few emails from a couple of people, fingers crossed something comes from that. Lets hope something happens soon, because I am not very good at this wag life.

(Laying in bed with the dogs watching Nashville is a plus, doing laundry because you literally have nothing to do; negative) 

I am not very good at not doing anything or not working, so this is something new. 

 Easter really isn't as a big deal here as it is at home but you can still eat your weight in cream eggs so whats not to love. 

Bought out the old food tech skills & made this bad boy- Cream egg brownie - thank you!


As far as fashion goes I am obsessed with being able to always wear big furs and pants ALL THE TIME as they are defs my two favourite things. 

I am struggling with the limited wardrobe thing (it still isn't that limited) but is less then half of what I'm used to; argh. 

Paul is really loving being a husband of Instagram- someone has to do it now my Princess T can't.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 3.18.44 PM.png

 And omg I had to drink out of a tin in the clubbbbbb. Something new, don't need jars when theirs tins.


Besides from being across the world, not that much is changed. Still just drinking to much coffee & wine, driving mum mad and trying to slowly sort my life out ( well that will never happen ) 

Exciting things are happening and I could not be happier to share it with you all! 


But thats all for now, 
Much Love,