For a while now I have been “blogging” , sharing looks and writing about issues I feel strongly about. From the beginning with “ They don't like us” wow that feels like a life time ago, to Stories of B which was constantly evolving as I was within my self, to The Sleepover Society which i still love and hope to continue with in the future ( thats a story for another time) to now. Stories of B (2.0) 

Sharing my journey. The good the bad and the down right mad. 

In December I meet Paul, In February I graduated with a bachelor in styling and creative direction, in March I moved across the country. 

What a year so far. 

So here we are now, in love living in the UK with no job and burning desire to take over the world. 

My whole life I have have had a plan or a sense of what is coming next. Get through high school, move to Melbourne, graduate at whitehouse ….


For the first time in my life, I legit have no fucking idea what I am doing or where to go next.

Its refreshing, a tad stressful but also a hell of a lot of fun. 

I am rubbish at keeping a diary and I am always forgetting to tell my friends things, so i have decided to share every little thing that happens, here. With everyone, for the world to read.


Somethings are exciting, somethings are boring as hell but what i can guarantee is some fucking fabulous clothing, few good laughs and a lot of strong opinions on how backwards the world still is… 

So welcome, to the life of B. 


Loads of Love,